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Welcome to What Would Mums Say

What would Mums say is an online market research panel. When you join, you become part of an exclusive community with lots of other mums who have agreed to share their opinions by participating in survey research. Companies are eager to learn what mums think of their products, services or advertising.

How do my opinions help?

By giving your views in these online surveys you help companies tailor their products and services and make them more useful to you and people like you who use the product.

How do the surveys work?

We offer you a variety of exciting surveys on topics of interest to you and you may also be sent new products to test and tell us what you think. Your opinions are valued and we will reward you with points that you can exchange for a wide variety of exciting rewards!

Mums have super powers! We help you bring your own opinions to the development of products from the world's leading brands via our surveys. Take this chance to be heard.